Women keen to always be at the height of adornments and Halitha and make-up plays a big role in highlighting these decorations But for a woman to choose the make-up that fits with the old, the age of twenty Fmakiaj does not comply with the age of thirty Session, with the need to choose the type of make-up, which also corresponds with the woman’s personality and befitting her age, the choice For the colors befitting her age it represents a very large part of her beauty, so it was essential that women be aware of Color and make-up techniques

Every age has Makiajh Women’s beauty experts at the age of twenty-advised to put makeup beautifying a fun and cheerful, is the twentieth FSN Reduce the age make-up and indispensable in some cases you may not need only lip gloss and Maskrey, even Tnaman freshness and natural beauty of your skin, but if I wanted to put makeup Fadaei lipstick and lip gloss, and Registry to identify, remained eyes, and fat-free basis, and the nationalist-cum-only spots can also tumble Mascara and Alai Liner with no need for pen eyebrows