About us

Friends company general trading :-

Was formed under one idea – (how and market experience in order to create good profit margin. our company was formed in Cairo – Egypt since2009 and started working on local and international markets . The company name was working with positive returns ever since it was established

We started planning restructuring and rebranding as a way to renew established brand and continue moving forward in the future .

Friends company: is a privately held and managed corporation, co-owned by partners who are strong individuals sharing the same interests – acting as accompany sponsor for Egyptian market and also managing in best interest.

-Our management structure is simple and allows quick decision making

-Friends company is trading company – a company whose main business is buying and selling different types of commodities -(we have 3 branches in Mosky) which is the main Market in mass production .

What is commodity ?

1- A basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same types.

Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services.

The quality of a given commodity may differ slightly – but it is essentially uniform across Producers. When then are traded on an exchange-

Commodities must also meet specified minimum standards. Also known as a basic grade.

2- Any good exchange during commerce which includes goods traded on a commodity exchange in economics . a commodity is a marketable item

produced to satisfy wants or needs . 

Economic commodities comprise goods and services. The exact definition of the term commodity is:-

Commits to serving its purpose :-

1- Defines and communicates expectation.

2-En courages innovation and creativity, and celebrates team success.

3- keeps to its promises

Our Market is :

we are interested to work in the following :-

  • 1-Cosmetics mass market e.g make up ( lip stick,eye shadow,blusher, lip pencil ,eye pencil ,eye liner ,mascara, foundation )
  • 2-Skin care products

e.g :

  • – body lotion
  • – moisturizing body cream
  • – body mist
  • – facial scrub
  • – body scrub
  • – anti-wrinkles cream
  • – face& body moisturizing creams & lotions and all skin care products
  • – Hair care products e.g shampoo,conditioner ,hair mask,….others
  • – Bath lines e.g shower gel .